EQ Glyde – Concept Short Film

Hello folks,
After almost an year since I began work on this one, I have completed the short film for my latest concept vehicle, namely the EQ Glyde.
Work on this one began with conceptualization of the vehicle and its environment. After massive iterations in design, I zeroed in on this one and based the movie around it, spending close to 10 months from initial design to final edit and mix with sound.

All the elements are created by me, including original sound track and effects.

On the technical front, the software used to create this piece was primarily 3ds Max for the modelling, Vray for the shading and rendering, Adobe After effects for the composite and Apple Final Cut Pro for the editing along with Adobe Premiere. Sound was an entirely different animal, with original sequences created in Ableton and Garage band.

Suffice to say, I had an enormous amount of thrill working on this one and the learning that ensued was incomparable to any project I had been working until.
I do want to come up with another short film based on a new concept and lets hope we push the boundaries further with that.

Please do give it a watch and I would be glad to hear from you in terms of feedback, comment or critique.

Additional stills and conceptual images rendered by me for the project are below.

EQ_Glyde_building EQ_Glyde_warehouse EQ_Glyde_ybuilding_detail EQ_Glyde_studio EQ_Glyde_cloth EQ_Glyde_poster

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